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KOA COMBAT LLC leads the crypto industry with its best-in-class tokenomics, renowned cryptologists development team, 60+ years combined professional management team, top co-sponsorships, state of the art fighter NFTs, first of its kind P2E gaming platform, LIVE PPV event streaming, extensive charitable giving, apparel line and our exclusive nutritional and CBD product line.

KOA COMBAT Supports the Movement of Combat Sports

How It Works?

A contract with self-feeding LP and marketing allowance with built-in reflections directly to its holders.

Safe & Secure

1% LP tax goes directly to the liquidity pool to forever strengthen the project's price floor.



1% of each and every transaction goes to charity such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Noble Dogs, and the Dream Center.

Passive Income

1% reflections tax goes directly to each and every holder proportionately from each and every transaction.

Marketing Wallet

2% of each and every transaction goes to further market the project.


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Contact Address




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Our ambassadors are part of the KOA COMBAT movement and will actively be involved in giving combat fighters a future that goes beyond an MMA fighters career. KOA COMBAT-Fighting for Change.

Joe “Daddy” Stevenson
33-16 Professional Record
Ultimate Fighter 2 Welterweight Champion

Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez
30-6 Professional Record
Ultimate Fighter Middleweight Champion

Dan “Hendo” Henderson
32-15 Professional Record
5 Championship Titles

KOA COMBAT Roadmap 2022

Meet the KOA COMBAT Team

Chief Executive Officer

VP Ethics and Compliance

Senior Gaming Developer

Charity Outreach

TLDR:  The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy continues to urge investors to be cautious if considering an investment involving crypto asset securities.  Investments in crypto asset securities can be exceptionally volatile and speculative, and the platforms where investors buy, sell, borrow, or lend these securities may lack important protections for investors.  The risk of loss for individual investors who participate in transactions involving crypto assets, including crypto asset securities, remains significant.  The only money you should put at risk with any speculative investment is money you can afford to lose entirely.  Investors should understand that:

Stan R.

Chief Executive Officer


In life you have choices and opportunities, you have vision and results. How you motivate your objectives is what it all comes down to. Coming from a single parent environment, I was forced to make decisions that most children would not have to make. Not all of them were the correct ones. However, the choices I made gave me guidance and allowed me to be my own man at a young age.Growing up in a split family, one half living in California and the other half from Florida, I realized at a young age that I was not living the “American dream.” In and out of the Justice system was hardly the right choice, I was literally a product of my environment. However, I saw the light and realized that the impossibility can become reality.

We may not all come from a perfect background, but we all have choice. I had my first street fight at age 10 then multiple fights later by the age 19. I finally got off the streets and showcased my ability in boxing at age 21. I went 8-0-1 fighting as an amateur in Fort LauderdaleFlorida, back when VHS tapes was the novelty of my stardom, and plenty of bar fights to pay for bar tabs and respect. At age 31 I stepped into a jiu jitsu cage and tried my skills in a sport that I was notfamiliar with. With the direction of Coach CheweyYabarra from Modesto Power, I was on my way to the Grapplers Quest World Championship in Vegas, wearing my coaches shirt that said “Don’t Lose.” I entered the tournament, at a weight class at 170 and was to compete against the Marine Corp Fight Team, which, by the way, I was the only one that stepped into the ring to fight them. I took Gold and became a World Champion. I then moved on to dominate in the Central Valley Classic in California. I hadback-to-back championships until being disqualified for a neck crank, but in reality my hooks were in.

I went on to compete in MMA for many years going undefeated until my last fight at age 40. I lost my belt in Hawaii. My buddy Vance took it. From growing up in the streets and being a punk at a young age, I learned from my mistakes and experienced incredible accomplishments throughout my life. The KOA COMBAT Project comes from an accumulation of businesses, from Knockout Artistclothing line started in 2011 and Cagebound Fighting Championship CFC , a promotion with the California State Athletic Commission for the past 6 years. The KOA part is KNOCKOUT ARTIST, COMBAT is the mission to combatting changes in our world such as climate change , giving to kids programs including kids with disabilities, and other non-profits from around the globe. Our ultimate goal is to help the future for future generation.

The KOA COMBAT Project, with its revolutionary gaming platform and metaverse/Virtual Reality in the future along with K.I.R.P (KOA COMBAT INVESTMENT RETURN PROGRAM), the future of CRYPTO is here. Stepping up the security, the holder bonus,and the overall directions for a tangible CRYPTO project will finally be at your fingertips.

I once was told what makes a great leader is a great team. These words cannotexpress how honored I am to have the team I have.We will leave a mark in history.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Bottom line, adversity can have a silver lining for a bright future and on behalf of KOA COMBAT, I welcome you to our TEAM.


Joe H.

VP Ethics and Compliance

Kamaki Air Force Base , Nagoya Japan Military family with one younger brother
Started practicing Judo on my 7th birthday and continued training martial arts and eventually MMA.
Been featured in over 25 movies and Television Been featured in numerous Martial Arts Magazines, Striking coach for the popular International Fight League Tokyo Sabers.
Inducted into The Masters Hall of Fame 2010 , Promoter Cage Bound Fighting Championship, Partner of Knockout Artist Apparel, Partner and CFO. of KOA Combat

Anton P.

Senior Gaming Developer

I started programming from the age of 9, as soon as I got the first computer on a 386 processor.
At school, I took first places at international conferences, then received a Computer Science degree;
After graduation, I began working in a large company as a .NET developer, and a little later I founded own company. I created web applications, high-load platforms, system software on almost all popular technologies and gaming platforms.
In our crypto universe, I had the chance to work on a bitcoin pool from scratch and take a lead developer role on a high-load crypto exchange.
I look forward to being part of the KOA COMBAT team and giving our token holders and VIVALIVE TV viewers around the world an awesome gaming experience plus much more.

Arielle C.

Director of Charity Outreach

KOA Combat LLC names Arielle Caputo, as Director of Charity Outreach. > Under her leadership, Arielle will be leading KOA Combat charity initiatives and oversight.

“My heart and soul is in philanthropy which is in the core of my DNA – to assist in making this world a better place. Over the last decade living in Los Angeles, I have had the privilege of creating a diverse range of projects from charity galas, fundraisers, pop-ups; with a focus on youth education and empowerment, homelessness, health and wellness, and mental well-being.

As well as co-producing and hosting the annual Global Youth Awards (an award show for children ages 12-18 who are bettering the world in any way).”